Foam Display and Point of Purchase

EPS makes an ideal material for POP and other display needs. It can be profiled to any shape desired and can have a dramatic, attention-grabbing effect on consumers. Animal shapes, stars, snowflakes, music notes, letters and numbers are shown here, but any shape imaginable can be fabricated for display purposes.

Block and Brace

Simple blocks, profiled end caps and L-pads can be used to fill the void between product being shipped and the box can be a very effective and inexpensive way to protect your product.

Pharmaceutical Packs and Other Medical Industry Applications

Pharmaceutical packs and other medical industry applications help to secure vials and other sensitive medical containers and equipment.

Returnable Packaging

Packaging designed from polyethylene and other resilient materials can be used in repeated shipping, returns shipping and internal plant handling applications.

Double Sided Adhesive Applications

Strategically placed adhesive can help to hold the packaging products exactly where you need them. The example shown here is plastic corrugated with 3 strips of doubled sided adhesive and a blue release liner.

Foam Case Inserts and Convoluted Carton Inserts

Custom cut foam case inserts to fit your hard or soft side case such as gun cases, bow cases or musical instrument cases. We can cradle your product with many different types of foam for the perfect combination of protection and longevity.

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