Manufacturing Capabilities

Current Capabilities

Progressive Packaging Inc. in Footville, Wisconsin serves the Midwest and beyond. We offer a wide range of products to suit many applications, along with the services needed to support these products. Our services include complete packaging design, sampling, and testing. Our fabrication methods allow us to quickly design, manufacture and ship your packaging solution. Typically, production parts ship in less than two weeks after package is designed and approved.

EPS Sheets and Blocks

We are your source for simple EPS pads. These pads can be used for simple block and brace applications, box liners, insulating coolers, etc. We provide blocks as small as ½” cubes, to 40” x 48” x 96” blocks and everything in between. All sizes are custom cut to order, and we have small minimum order quantities to allow you to buy just what you need.

CNC Shape Profiling

CNC shape profiling is done with a computer operated 2 or 3 axis CNC machine. This process allows us to cut EPS and other materials into precise shapes to firmly fit around your products to protect them during transport. We also CNC cut OEM components parts used inside equipment to insulate various components from extreme heat and cold.

Water Jet Cutting

We also also offer water jet cutting, which utilizing a high pressure stream of water to fabricate foam. This process is typically used with polyethylene and polyurethane foams, and can cut very dense foams with extreme precision.

Sawing, Drilling, Routing

We have sawing, drilling, routing and many other secondary operations services to create the most complex of parts. Many times a single CNC operation is not enough to meet the demands of proper packaging design, and we have the capabilities to add those extra features to make the design perform at its best.

Die Cutting

Progressive Packaging also provides die cutting services, a process in which shapes are cut out from sheets by pressing the edge into a steel rule die with a mechanical press. Our capabilities include flatbed die cutting up to 30” x 60” and 4” thick. A nominal tooling charge is usually required for this manufacturing process.

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