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About Progressive Packaging in Footville

About The Team

Company Culture

Progressive Packaging Inc. is truly a family business in every regard. Brian and Anna founded the business back in 1997 when Brian decided it was time to move on from the large corporate environment of his earlier career. In the late 90’s, they purchased the 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Footville. Brian’s son, Scott, helped them build and buy all the equipment to fill the shop and get all the processes and procedures in place. From 1997 to 2014, Scott worked part time at night and weekends supporting the business doing the packaging design and CNC machine programming while Brian, Anna and their granddaughter Alicia ran the shop and kept production on track. In 2014, Brian passed away and Scott left his full time IT career to take over the business full time. With Scott’s renewed focus and energy, the business has been growing dramatically in both capability and sales. Scott has invested in several key new CNC machines and is focused on expanding our capabilities even further in the coming years. We have a true “customer first” culture, and pride ourselves on listening to the customer’s needs and responding with services and products to solve their packaging issues.

Brian LaCourse

Brian was in the packaging business for over 45 years. He worked with just about every form of interior packaging there is, but primarily focused on foam packaging. He had a manufacturing and design background and established and managed packaging plants in 6 states throughout the U.S. His vast knowledge, along with his outgoing personality has earned him the title of “Foam Doctor” by his peers in the industry. He established Progressive Packaging Inc. in 1997 and was the company’s President until his passing in 2014. His legacy, traditions and vast knowledge have been passed on to the rest of the family and will continue to be the driving force behind the company’s success.

Scott LaCourse

Scott grew up with his dad in the packaging industry. In his younger years, he would spend his Saturdays with dad in the shop building airplanes while dad did the real work. When Scott got older, his first job was doing cleaning and janitorial work in the shop. He worked his way up through the ranks, first as a general fabricator, then as CAD Drafter, CNC Operator, Design Engineer, and Plant Supervisor. Eventually Scott was chosen by upper management of his previous employer to open a brand new foam fabricating shop in Georgia as the Operations Manager where he successfully established and grew a shop of his own. At Progressive Packaging, Scott built and continues to maintain the unique machinery that makes the business successful. Scott is currently the Owner and General Manager responsible for all facets of the business.

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